I see you,
beneath the ocean
above the sea
lost deep in yourself
Oh! I see you.

Self-help writer, Mamata, is a part social scientist, part agony aunt, who doesn't believe in just “hang in there” or “make it through” but living with a bold and bloom presence. She does this through blogging at  Ask how focuses on staying positive and encourages self-improvement. Want to know more? Drop an email below.

stay positive

Stay Positive

A simple tip can be lifesaving sometimes which helps in self-improvement. In this category of "AskHow", you will find tips on dealing with different situations with much positive attitude. Some moments can be really awkward, full of negativity or other obstacles. The ideas to deal it like a boss are mentioned in this category

Buzz Inside Us

Don't you agree with me when I say we all need to upgrade ourselves? Be it about changing some annoying habits or some long term traits which you believed to be your nature.Enhancing yourself is one of the most essential things for a charismatic and alluring personality. Come click in and let's polish ourselves a little.

Over a cup of coffee

Who won't like a cup of coffee to go with a story? I don't write them often but when I do I post it in this category so I can share with you all. Get in and enjoy some of those.

Sarcasm together

Since this is a personal blog, why not be a little narcissist and share a little more about me and things I disagree. Who knows! Maybe you will agree with my disagreement. Almost forgot to mention, I love being sarcastic especially to those whom I can't stand.