A Little Girl

With her hands full of the blue Hydrangeas, a little girl stood on the side of the road waiting for vehicles to halt at her and buy her flowers. A long printed skirt with a white shirt which was on the verge of turning into gray made her look older than her age. Her hair, brushed by the wind of every passing vehicle didn’t do any justice to her face. After standing for a long time she sat on the log at the side of the road. “Deforestation helped her with a piece of a log”, I blabbered to myself.

I was traveling to visit an old friend of mine. It was indeed a long journey as it was soon to be dusk. Even though I had started early, I had only completed half of the road. And now, I had been watching this girl for thirty minutes. In those thirty minutes, I found her insanely innocent even though I hadn’t talked to her.

A car stopped by her. She quickly jumped off the log and went towards the car with her hands full of flowers. The windows rolled over. The person in the car said something, causing her to make a pleading face almost bursting into tears. A pair of hands moved towards her hands with some money. She handed over the flowers to them and pulled the money towards her grip. The window rolled up and the car moved to leave a gush of wind brushing her hair. She then slowly pulled out a small pouch that was tied well on the inside. Then, she carefully folded the money, kept inside the pouch and tucked it inside her skirt.



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