Anger Management

Anger management


Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. Having emotion is a healthy thing as anger lets us express the negative feelings inside us. However, excessive anger is normally a cause of destruction. It hampers our relationship causing physical and mental problems. High Blood Pressure, change in a heartbeat and other physical changes make it extremely difficult for a person to think straight. Do you lose your temper when someone cuts you in traffic? Do you fume when something goes wrong at the last moment? Well, welcome to the anger management club.

Managing anger shouldn’t is as tough as it sounds if you know when and where to act. Check out these anger management tips below:

1. Acknowledge

Understand that excessive anger is a problem. If you don’t believe you have any anger management issue then, all the below points are going to be of no use. It won’t matter at all whatever I say from this point if you are not ready to accept it. So, the first step towards managing your anger is accepting it and staying motivated to make a change.

2.  Be a scientist not a lawyer

Confused? Well, arguing isn’t going to help you when you are angry. So instead of debating, why not make a habit of listening and thinking before speaking. Many times in the heat of the argument we say many things we don’t usually mean. Just to win the argument we say it anyway and then regret later. So, next time when you get angry, get a hold of yourself and try listening.

3. Calmness before anger

Once you calm down, express your anger. Once when all the problems and the argument sinks in, it will allow you to have a clear vision. Then, express your anger, disappointment, need, and concern clearly without offending, hurting or insulting the other person.

4. Walk Away

Not all arguments are worth getting involved in. Put your point of view and explain clearly. When the person in the other end is not ready to listen at all, walk away. Moreover, take a break and walk away when the argument starts to hit the ceiling. Or simply take a break during that time of day which tends to be stressful.

5. Change Patterns

If you do the same thing every time, you will get the same result every single time. Instead of getting angry at the rock you hit every time you walk the street, change the lane. Getting stuck in traffic makes you lose temper? Leave half an hour every and beat the traffic. Sometimes, a small change can help solve bigger problems.

6. Forgive

Holding the grudge against sometimes will do more harm than good. Forgive people and relief yourself the burden you’ve been carrying. Grudges cause bitterness and the feeling swallows you in seek of vengeance. Instead, let go of it. Forgive people, which actually gives you the strength and positivity to maintain the relationship.

7. Relax

When you find yourself fuming with anger, try taking deep breathes or some other relaxation methods. It can be listening to music, repeating a calming phrase or writing a journal. Try and relax until you feel calmness.

8.Know when to seek

Sometimes, anger gets out of our hand and we do or say something we regret doing it. Also, learning to manage anger is a challenging job. It’s better to seek help when things get out of control. It’s never late to accept your flaws and get a helping hand.

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