How to deal with Anxiety attacks


Have you ever felt the sudden unease while you are going for your final interview or while appearing for your exams? Have you ever experienced a knot in your stomach when you are in a very uncomfortable situation or you realized how fast your heart beats when you suddenly lose your balance and are about to fall? These kinds of feelings are generally categorized as anxiety, our natural reaction to stress.  Ordinary anxiety is a feeling that comes and goes but doesn’t interfere with your daily life. Whereas, anxiety disorder lasts longer than six months and the feeling of fear lasts with us forever. This type of anxiety keeps from doing things you enjoy and the effects of daily life. Let’s discuss how to deal with anxiety attacks.

I am neither a professional nor a student with a medical background. If you ask me about the medical terms or looking for some medical advice, then I shall say sorry. Then, why am I here writing about it? Right! Well, I have been through this, also every now and then I deal with it.

Anxiety disorders are the most common form of emotional disorder and can affect anyone at any age. According to the American Psychiatric Association, women are more likely than men to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

How to deal with Anxiety attacks

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder 3 years back. It had been really hard for me to maintain my day to day activities and also I was a mess not only to me but also to those around me. There are several ways to deal with anxiety attacks. It sometimes depends on you. Here are a few ideas that helped me go through the anxiety attacks apart from my medicines. However, none of these are the replacement of treatment or medical procedure.


Whenever I have one of the anxiety attacks I take deep breathes. I normally count my breath and often after 5-8 minutes I feel my heartbeat getting calmer. I try to stay focus and observe my breathing. Many times when the attack kicks in we tend to breathe faster causing our body to hyperventilate which affects our oxygen proportion in our body. So, don’t forget to take deep breaths. No matter how little or more you can stay focused, trying wouldn’t surely harm.


My therapist suggested, instead of fighting the fear, sometimes I should just give in. giving in doesn’t mean giving up. It’s just being wiser. In her exact word “fighting causes more ripples”. When I feel the fear I just try to stay calm and try not to think anything. Sometimes I say to myself, give it a minute it will pass. This often helps and if not I have some more tips down.


I do it to keep myself away from those jumpy feelings inside me. I keep stretching until I can bring my focus back on myself rather than my anxiety. Sometimes I go on doing the full workout however sometimes it helps only by a normal stretch.


Many of you may already know that walking helps. Whenever it’s possible for you to, simply go for a walk. Duration doesn’t matter anymore.  Leave your room, come to the street or a park and simply walk. Gradually you will be able to shift your focus to the surrounding and before you know the unease will be gone.


Sometimes when it’s too much, none of the above may help. On certain situations I scream, yeah! You got that right. I scream covering my head with a pillow. After draining out some energy it feels better. My friend said she literally jumps. Don’t think much to try what helps you the most as long as it’s possible and legal.

So, those are the ways I deal with anxiety attacks. And yeah! Don’t try caffeine, that doesn’t help. And some people say music helps but in case I didn’t find that working. But don’t forget to try that out. Maybe it’ll help you. Please don’t forget to take medical advice. If an anxiety disorder is diagnosed, a mental health professional can work with you on the best treatment.


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