I often find myself thinking what is it like to be a normal person. Without so much baggage in head,without the constant emptiness that is shaking you  all day. I have found no answer so far to get away with this feeling. But what i have learned is to accept myself and live the life. i have now known to live with my depression at my side which is sort of being my friend. i don’t know know if i can  help others who are battling with the exact same feeling but i know how you feel about it. How the pain eats  you, making you a person with no empathy.

i slide into this imaginary world of mine where nothing is pleasant.  But somehow i find myself wanting to be there every now and then. It’s not that i like it but the pain it gives had now become my addiction. i like it when my own mind insults me, shows me what i piece of shit i am. And yet i find it good to hang in tight there rather than the reality.

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