Boldness is the sexiest thing a person can wear. To be bold you don’t have to wear the trend or flash your body. It’s the way you think and does make you the one. Stop being shy and start acting on what you actually want to do. Let’s hold our hesitation on our palm and throw it out of the window. Let’s act. Here are a few things you can actually practice to be Bold.


Stop seeking others approval to be you. Everybody is different from one another and that ’s what makes you the YOU. Being different from others isn’t wrong. So, accept the fact and act. Don’t get afraid of people judging you. Don’t say sorry for being you.


Don’t hesitate to act like a pro. Things won’t actually change unless you get on the stage and start yourself. You don’t need to master on being bold to be one. Sometimes, you have to act like you already are one. Remember someone you know of and step on their shoe. Think of the way they would react. If you don’t know anyone thinks of some character from some movies or books. Pull on the act and you are ready to go.


If being unstoppable is what you want then now is the time to step out of the comfort zone and do something unpredictable. Bold people aren’t afraid of trying new things. This could be new for you like skydiving or speaking in front of the mass. Make sure you do it yourself. These acts may make you vulnerable and scared. Remember not to give in to those feelings. Instead, accept the challenge.


You don’t have to please everyone. Do what you want to and learn to refuse the things which you don’t like. Don’t pressurize yourself to make up an excuse. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. People will gradually respect your honesty and boldness. But first, you need to respect yourself and your choices.


Don’t keep things within yourself. Keep your pride and ego aside and make the first move. Don’t wait for someone to come and ask you to go out. Rather take a chance and socialize. Don’t wait for others when you can do it. Be it apologizing to your old friend or hugging your partner and let them know how much you value them.


In preference to wait to be recognized your worth or wait for someone to understand your value, stand right up and ask. Many of us think asking makes us greedy and selfish. Yeah, it does if you ask for something you don’t deserve. But here we are asking something which is rightfully earned by us.  Go ahead and ask that promotion who have been waiting for. Like a dress which is slightly out of budget? Don’t hold back go and ask for a discount or an offer. Ask where you don’t understand things.  There is nothing to hesitate about it.


Accept yourself and fly. Being bold is being you.


Some of the ideas on this post are taken from wikihow.  All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

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