How to Stay Motivated


Have you ever started a diet plan and then quit? If yes, well, you are not alone. Many of us start the plan and we just quit because it starts to get boring, results comes too slow and many other reasons.

Wanting to reach the goal is one thing but staying on the right path to achieve it, is a challenging task. It’s natural to get excited on the beginning but gradually we lose our motivation. Motivation is not magic. It doesn’t come as a Christmas gift. As talking of the several ways for sustaining motivation every people ( be it a motivational speaker, author or life coach) has their own tips and rules. We are here to discuss some of effective tips.

  • Set goals   

Start with a simple and realistic goal so that you won’t be disheartened if you don’t reach them.  It’s likely to get frustrated and quit if the goal are too ambitious. It’s not that you can’t challenge yourself; goal is all about challenging yourself and achieving it. But starting with high goal are likely to make you upset easily.

  • Remind yourself often   

Make a list of the reason why you set the goal in the first place. Write it down and keep it somewhere you can see it easily. Seeing it will keep reminding you about your goal. If you start to lose the sight of your goal you may be less motivated.


  • Break down the task and set rewards      

Break your goals into smaller targets which can be tracked weekly. It helps you to step up gradually and you can actually see in the difference. Once you reach your weekly goal, go ahead and treat yourself. It can be anything, a day in a spa, shopping, a bowl of ice cream. Almost  anything that keeps you going.

  • Don’t worry about the things you can’t control      

In my opinion, “What if” is the biggest enemy for many of us. We start doing something and stop it in the middle of nowhere by thinking for all those “what if”.  If I start thinking  “What if no one will read my post “ or “ what if I can’t do it right?” I won’t be writing all these. Instead I would be somewhere losing my focus completely.  It’s best to focus on making ourselves productive rather than elsewhere.


  • Visualize the result      

It is important to visualize the end result rather than the process. The process can be hard and filled with lots of hurdles. But on imagining the moment when we’ve achieved the goal, the excitement, the feelings of relief are the things to keep you motivated on the low days.



Be easier said than done. Well, with the determination and consistence, we can make the process easier too. Let’s focus on the bigger picture and keep on going. On the days , when you don’t like to work on it at all, take a break , and start again.


-Mr. Perfectionist

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