Life as an introvert

Many of us define introvert as being shy and self-conscious in social situations. I however am not much of a fan of that definition. While the definition might very much be true but it should be a little broader. Not all introverts are shy and not all those who are shy are introverts.  Somewhere I read the term defined as, “a person who gains energy from being alone and loses energy in stimulating environments, such as social events.”  That somehow seems like it.  I am an introvert and being said that I’ve pinned down some points that best describe me being one.

  1. Love being alone.

Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean I enjoy only loneliness and solitude. I enjoy being alone as much as others enjoy company. It’s just that I feel happier, peaceful and refreshing when being alone. Conversations with me are like, Want to go shopping? “Nah! What are online shopping for?” Want to try that new restaurant? “Yes! But lets check if they do delivery or not.” I can go out and enjoy crowd but that would be faking it.


  1. Have few friends.

       We don’t talk much with other people but we have few friends with whom we share our things. Some of my friends know my basic things while a couple of them know me inside out. For whatever reason we feel comfortable with these friends and they don’t drain out as other people do. I talk too much with some friends and sometimes wonder what happens to me with other people. I barely say “Hi” to them; instead I look for a way to hide.


  1. Parties and gatherings are nightmare.

I don’t hate people but the shallow socializing. Introverts hate socializing for different reasons. And this doesn’t mean we are Agoraphobic. For me, I just can’t tolerate the noise, too much people and almost everything going out there. All I can think of is how much longer before I wipe out. To completely avoid situations like those, I always keep an excuse handy. You know, just in case.


  1. Texting vs Phone call.

I wonder why people ring when they can just text me. From landline to mobile, phones are evolving. On that evolution, a great feature was invented, “Texting”. Why not use those instead of calling every single time. Every time my phone rings, I just place my phone facing down and let it ring out. In case you are wondering it’s always on silent mode. (Yeah! I know the nightmare if I misplace it.) It’s easier to deal with people on text rather than hearing their reactions after each and word I say.


  1. Often “In our head”.  

People often tag us as quiet and calm. But our mind tells something else. I have a completely differently world in my head. We tend slip in our inner world during boring conversation or when we are just not comfortable being with others. Not every introvert is a dreamer, but almost all have an entire inner world that they find just as comfortable as the world around them. Sometimes we get caught day dreaming. When you’re so busy in your own thoughts and have no clue what on earth people around you are talking about, one of them just pokes you out asking your suggestion and you stand there totally clueless, nodding your head wishing to vanish.


  1. Small talks? Try me!

Hey, how are you?

I was doing great, until you asked me! puff!!!

      Well, I never understood the concept of starting these talks like asking “How are you?” Well, I can’t tell how I am actually. Probably you will cringe, get bored and making a face “I didn’t asked that”. If I was ill, you would be meeting me at the hospital. I don’t understand the way people find the ways to drain their energy; it’s just mind-numbingly boring. I am trying to conserve it and you on the other hand sir! Small talks never intrigued me, unless you are the Miriam Maisel.(Then that’s a different story.)  And also I don’t have those proper answers handy when you indulge in your talks.


Well, there are so many other habits that describe us as an introvert but I find these as the most common and highlighted one for some reasons. If you think I’ve missed something please add in the comment below. Also our mind is totally different universe and we are having a pleasurable life there if you must know. That’s for another topic I guess.  Thank you for reading!

Stay Blessed and happy.

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    1. Does that mean you can be a polar bear now? LOL! Never thought of that. We always are something extraordinary, doesn’t matter what term others use.

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