Happy Valentine’s Day.

I  know I’m late but don’t you worry. I had this whole new crusade going. Recently my newsfeed of social media was overflowed by the Valentine wishes. I came up with this title “SOCIAL MEDIA  AND MARRIED COUPLES”.  It was exciting to watch people’s post wishing each other. And I started to think, why do married couples post and tag valentine’s wishes to their partner on Social Media? Here, I am not including those couples who are in a long distance relationship.

               To all the married couple posting Valentine’s wishes to each other on social media, Do n’t you guys wake up on the same bed? Isn’t your partner the first person, you see as you wake up?  How do you do it? Turn each other’s back the first thing in the morning and post it in social media and then say, “Surprise!  I have just posted about us on Facebook. Do you think they know that we are celebrating Valentine’s Day together? “Or is it more like “Hey! I have posted about how much I love you. Don’t forget to comment on how much you love me.”


Is it a way to show us that you are married together (Oh yeah! we know.  Many of us were there when you started this downhill fate of yours) and we know you are celebrating together. You don’t even post what was so special that you had to use Facebook or Instagram and thought it was so necessary to show us. What you do is posted a picture of you and again a next of your partner and then tag him/her and write, “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you”.  Does saying ” I Love you” in front of them scares you?  Answer me this, is it okay for your partner to reply you back in person or they have to comment it, just to make sure the whole world knows about it.

Sometimes, while wishing your partner, you keep on tagging all the friends you have. Not only Valentine, but there are also so many other instances where you, my friends are using Social Media and absolutely have no idea how on earth your posts are getting interpreted.

Why would you tag me in your Valentine’s post?  I was not there neither the 56 people you tagged.  So, why?  Why do you keep on tagging everyone on such a memorable time of yours? Oh!  You forgot to tag your own partner.

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