Ways to support your loved one who is living with anxiety

Living with anxiety is hard and it can be the hardest when the person near you has no clue what’s going on with you. Living alone in anxiety is miserable but it turns to be devastating when our partner or parents or even our siblings who live with us, have no idea how to cope. There are times when we expect support from our loved one but have no courage to ask for it. There are times when we are too scared to confront our feelings. In those cases having a loved one who knows how to support us is really important. Here are a few tips for the partner, parents or siblings on ways to support your loved one who is living with anxiety.

support your loved one who is living with anxiety.
support your loved one who is living with anxiety.

1. Turn up

Sometimes we shut ourselves making it difficult for you to reach us. It not like we don’t like you but are scared about the situation we are gonna put you in. At times, be the first to reach us. Turn up at our door to show you care. A phone call or just a text is also really good ways to check up on us. Often, answering your simple ” How are you feeling?” is much better than us calling you to describe our gloominess.

2. Lend yourself

We don’t expect you to do all the things we wanted. Being there and lending yourself can do a miracle sometimes. Saying that I mean lending an ear, a hand or a hug makes many situations easier. Assuring us that you are there to help or listen can make a great difference.

3. Get an idea

Describing what we are feeling is really a hard task for who are already suffering.  Often it is very difficult to share what we are going through or why we do a certain thing that we do. Getting an idea about the symptoms, the difference between the nervousness and panic attack, ways to deal with anxiety gives you some ground to stand with us together. And also, it becomes a lot easier for us to express and for you to support if you already have a basic idea about living with anxiety.

4. Be the cane

Talking about me, I didn’t prefer to going out of my house on my low days. It becomes really hard for us to socialize which makes us uncomfortable or awkward every time we leave the house. All the old habits of going out, gathering up with friends become a tedious job that we can’t handle anymore. Your company or as the title being the cane helps us to do what we used to enjoy before anxiety came knocking us down. Your little encouragement and company might support us to take the first step on dealing and living with anxiety. Who knows maybe we will do things on our own gradually.

support your loved one who is living with anxiety.

5. Celebrations

Don’t we celebrate all victories? In anxiety, life turns out to be extremely hard and day to day task becomes really impossible. often, it can be really vital to recognize anything that we do by getting out of our comfort zone. This includes leaving the house or doing some house chores. It takes massive energy to do something especially when the anxiety forbids. A smile with recognition is well appreciated.

6. Energize to self-care

Upon dealing with anxiety, our daily routine often falls into the crack. Reckoning our relationship with you, you can support us to do various things to care about ourselves. Helping to clean the room, encouraging to take a walk, bringing us food and a lot more can help us. Well, it may seem small tasks to you but somedays we can’t make ourselves to do the smallest bit.

7. Don’t be a liar

We want you to help us but at the same time, we know you have your own life to live. Let us know beforehand if you can’t be there for us for some time being or for some particular time. We understand just like any human being does. Be honest with us rather than canceling at the last minute.

8. Take care of yourselves

In order to support your loved one who is living with anxiety, you have to take care of yourself first. How will you help us if you are already in mess? Don’t forget to live for yourself before helping us. We gain our positivity from you. Make sure you take care after yourself at first because living and helping someone with anxiety is really a difficult task.



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  1. Shutting myself is the easiest as well as the hardest part. Most of the times I have found myself unorganized, unsocial and unworthy. Then there comes poeple asking about my well-being and I feel irritated. Being an anxiety victim is a curse esp if you are a WOMAN of sexual minority staying alone. You’ve already raised your wall.

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